Birthdays and Living

Birthdays and Living

I am an April fool's baby...that is no joke.  We've teased and laughed about it my whole life, funny jokes, silly pranks and all the things that come along with it.  My mom even calls me "April" and she calls my sister "June" (because that's her birth month); my mom is crazy silly!  (insert laughing...I love her more than anything).  Did you also know I do not like birthday cake at all? Nope...gag.  I have always had an angel food birthday cake for my birthdays.  Anyone want to make me one??  

So yes, tomorrow April 1st is my birthday and I am turning a mere 51 y/o.  I don't mind aging in numbers because I'm blessed that I get too.  Let's celebrate turning a year older, let's celebrate our health and our longevity.  I honestly get a little annoyed when people are whiny or don't want to turn a milestone age or joke about I'm old...I'm turning "XX".  Remember, we get too.  

I think of all the people in my life that have died and their short lives.  I have a very dear friend who feels guilty turning a year older every year because she had a brain tumor, but she is surviving and thriving.  She celebrates her birthdays like no other because SHE GETS TOO!  Whenever I talk about my brother Seth who died from a brain tumor, she wants to apologize and then she feels bad that she is a survivor and he wasn't.  I automatically tell her to stop, that's not the way it works. I remind her to continue living for Seth and all the other people who have died from brain tumors and you fight and live for them and celebrate those damn birthdays!  

My brother's "Angelversary" is coming up on April 7th.  I remember vividly these moments so very well.  My husband Jack had just died in February, my daughter Graci's birthday was March 11th, my brother had his 3rd brain surgery on March 13th, my first birthday "alone" without my spouse (who gave really, really awesome gifts) was gone on April 1st.   I didn't feel like celebrating, I didn't feel anything honestly.  My brother & sister-n-law, Joey were staying at her parents so she had the help with Seth after his surgery.  They invited Graci & I over for dinner and cake for my birthday.   I will never ever forget this moment when they gave me a cake and my brother was feeling pretty ok, tired, but they sang me happy birthday.  My heart was breaking on the inside, I was scared and worried for my brother, and I wanted to feel the joy of the moment but didn't know how.  I smiled, I laughed, I enjoyed and I took a mental video of that moment that still replays in my mind every birthday.   Little did I know that in less than a week that my brother was going to die.

So, when I talk about Birthdays, let's celebrate them!  Let's celebrate life!  We are given just this one here on earth to live!  Celebrate turning another year older because you get too!   I never hide my age...I'm 51 (almost) and I'm damn happy about that because I have an army up in Heaven who doesn't get their damn birthdays anymore!  Remember if you are struggling from a loss and missing that person who celebrated you; wake up and say "I can do this" and remember the verse Psalm 118:24 "This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it".  

Another thing I find very interesting is when people die the same month they were born.  It happens a lot and it is interesting to me and I want to know more.  My son Garret only got one birthday...he died 6 days after his 1st birthday.  My husband Jack died on February 8th just 12 days before his 38th birthday.  My sis n law Brooke died June 12th and her Birthday was June 16th.  So birthdays mean so much to me in different ways. (just a little side track thought on birthdays)

Anyways, this was probably an all over the place blog about birthdays.  What I'm doing for my birthday for my business you ask?  Well I'm holding a sale on April 1st & 2nd on my Etsy store with a huge birthday discount for all of you!!!  So, now's the time to stock up on your cards, have them handy, send one to a friend each month and let them know you are thinking of them.  I'll make more and I already have a couple ideas from just this blog post on new card ideas!!!  It's also a thank you from me for supporting me and being a part of my community, especially on a fool's day!  

OH....and a very happy 21st birthday to my nephew Riley (yes we share a birthday)!!!!  And yes, I've never had a real birthday ever since you've been born anyways...Love you Riley!!   

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Happy Birthday


Happy birthday Ang! I love getting older with you!


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