Hello, darling!

I've always had a vision to help support people who are grieving and help friends show up for their grieving friends. I create all my words you read on my cards from things I have heard along the way, words that were spoke to me during my losses or feelings that have surfaced during my grief (or when people message me and say you should put this on a card)! All these cards bring light &. hope into my soul knowing that I can give hope to just one person along their journey.


Butterflies + Halo's mission is: Helping break the taboo's associated with grief and loss by providing cards that help friends in the toughest times. Our style is designed for your friend who actually needs to be nurtured and not fixed. All my cards will have the words I've written or I've heard along the way.

My WHY's and WHO's

I lost my 1 year old son Garret in 2006 due to a rare heart defect, became a widow in February 2009 after my husband Jacks short battle with Ocular Melanoma, and then became a grieving sibling in April 2009 after my brother's battle with a 5 year brain tumor ended. I also sadly had to say goodbye to my sis n law, Brooke (my 1st husbands sister), in June 2018.