There you have it folks, the title to my first book.  PHEW...this has been a huge labor of love, tears, and hope.  To say I am BEYOND proud of myself for writing this book is an understatement.  BUT, I am also BEYOND proud of myself for surviving all these losses and thriving through the grief journey.  

I am in love with all the words written and the way it all unfolded.  The back story of how this came about; I started writing my book in 2019.  I knew I had something to say; I had a journal full of thoughts and feelings.  I really just started writing and putting everything down starting with my son Garret.  I didn't want to forget anything and what I was finding was that after all the years since Garret's passing, I hadn't forgotten a single thing and didn't even need to open my journal for specifics.  It was like I just vomited everything out on paper and there it was; it was in fact healing to have his story out of me and on paper.  Then I closed it and didn't do anything else for quite awhile.  

I had ideas, constantly adding them to my notes on my phone.  I knew how I wanted to format the book.  I had an idea for a name.  I had all the things and I had the material.  So I guess it was last year in 2023 when I really started writing again.  Then, a couple little "Godwink's" happened late summer/early fall of 2023 and I reached out to this publishing company called Blue Hat Publishing out of Franklin, TN.  This started the motion for me and I signed with them, I invested a scary amount of money with them, and I started writing! 

Here we are to today and MY book "Chapters Of A Resilient Heart" is available for PRE-ORDER from today, March 22nd for two weeks.  The book will be published end of May 2024.  This is when you will receive your pre-order copies from me and then I will be selling them on my own website, and I will be selling them on Amazon.  I am planning on doing many speaking/book events when and where I can as well.  SO, not only do you have to BUY my book, you have to let me know or reach out to anyone BIG or SMALL to help me get my book into their hands (or on major news outlets, magazines, talk shows, etc).  I am dreaming BIG and I'm not afraid to pitch them.  I know it's not easy, so don't burst my bubble.  BUT, I believe in myself so if I get a million "no's" and one "yes", I've made it.  

I will be doing a "LIVE" on my Instagram social @butterfliesandhalos Friday, March 22 @ 10:00am CST.  I will be chatting about my book, the pre-order sale, and my feelings.  I will share a little about the book as well.  If you can't hop on, know that it's okay and I appreciate you just being HERE reading this blog post.  You can pre-order my book here: Chapters Of A Resilient Heart   You have an option for a book or a signed copy by me! 

Here is the back copy of the book that I plan on reading in my live, but if you can't listen here ya go (or you can read on my website). I will also add that this is a "memoir" of MY story and my life with my people.  Sprinkled in are chapters of hope, resilience, dating/remarrying, honoring our people, how we survived, coping through the holidays, and of course stories of the people that LIVED and how they died.  This book will guide you in your own grief journey to acknowledge your own pain.  You will be able to take away little nuggets of hope for yourself.  Always know that YOUR story is yours, but EVERY story should be told. We all grieve differently, this is just MY story.  


In life, we all face chapters that test our strength and resilience. Moments of loss and grief can leave us feeling broken, with the weight of the world bearing down on our shoulders. But it is in these darkest moments that we discover the true measure of our inner strength and the power of our hearts to endure.

This book, Chapters of a Resilient Heart, tells the poignant story of a woman who has endured unimaginable loss. In the span of just three years, she has faced the heart-wrenching deaths of her son, her husband, and her brother. Each chapter of her life has been marked by unimaginable pain and sorrow, yet through it all, she has found the courage and resilience to keep going.

As we follow her journey through the pages of this book, we are reminded of the incredible power of the human spirit to rise above adversity and find hope in even the darkest of moments. Each chapter of her story serves as a testament to the strength that lies within all of us, waiting to be uncovered in times of trial.

Through her resilience and unwavering determination, she shows us that even in our darkest days, there is light to be found. May her story inspire you to find the strength within your own heart, to turn the pages of your own story with grace and fortitude, and to emerge from the shadows with a heart that is, indeed, resilient.

I THANK every single one of you for being here.  The cards were just a start to something way bigger than I realized and the momentum is moving and I love it.  I am not here because of me solely, I'm here because of ALL of you!!!  TOGETHER WE ARE TRULY BETTER! 

Thank you again for all the love & support!  GO ME!! 


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I’m so proud of you! Your blog made me cry.

Judy Handon

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