FUN announcements and other stuff

FUN announcements and other stuff

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY!  I hope if you are reading this in the midwest, you are enjoying the Fall like temps!   It just does something to your soul when you get the humidity and heat out of your life!   I love me some Summer, but this feels nice!  I DO NOT want the Winter that I know for sure! 

This blog will not be your typical blog, but it's keeping me real and it's letting me share stuff with all of you!!!  This is what I normally would share on my newsletter, so if you are not signed up yet, head over to the subscribe to emails and stop missing out on some pretty cool announcements and stuff!   

Also, if you are not following me on socials, get your butt over there now and start following me @butterfliesandhalos.  I'm not one to normally care about the "number" of "followers", but ya'll, I'm close on Instagram to be at 1000 (I'm like at 914 right now).  What does this do to me?  Well, it helps me in that stupid algorithm they set up and it pushes me towards more accounts to be seen by the people I need to be seen by!  I know so very silly, but still important.  So, ask one friend that is not following me to follow me please!  

If you are following me on socials did you see the HUGE announcement I made?  Well, I did it and now I announced it to the world for all to help and hold me accountable on this journey.  I signed with a publishing company to write my book!!!!  Who Am I????  I am so blessed and honored to have found a team that I think fits perfectly for what I am doing and they believe in me, just as much as you all do!  I signed with Blue Hat Publishing out of Tennessee, give them a follow on IG too!  Dates aren't official yet, but it's looking like I will release my book in June 2024.  If you all did not know, I actually started my book in 2019!  Yes, so I feel like I'm about 50% done and I can finish this in the time I need to (which will be about March).  I had a few signs, nudges, and just overall feeling of "This is now or never" Angie, time to do it.  SO...hang on and let's enjoy the journey!   I do have a question for you all though, "If you are looking at books and you pick up a book to buy and it shows it may be about grief and hope and all that stuff. What makes you want to read it and what are hoping to receive out of that book?"  Please, please email me or DM me on socials some answers to this burning question.  It's not a make or break question, it's something I need to know for a reason.  

I released my "Fall" collection of cards with 6 in the release.  A couple of these were from people that said I want a card that says this (like the one that says "time for someone else to eat sh*t for awhile) and yes, I made a vinyl sticker out of that one too!  See all the new release below!  But honestly...I could write and come up with cards everyday, I love it.  You guys need to get your wallets out and start buying some LOL!  Teasing (kind of), but the Holiday Cards are ready to go and you can buy them in big bundles on my website.  Think outside of the box when you send a Holiday Card this season; think of those who are grieving or maybe it's their 1st Holiday without someone.  Don't send them a happy family portrait that says "Seasons Greeting"...ugh!  Save that one for everyone else and send them one of my heartfelt "grief" cards instead.  

If you are local and interested, I am hosting a "Holiday Grief Workshop" in November.  My BFF Heather is a LCSW and will be helping me with all the stuff, but together we want to spread the hope and love by acknowledging how hard the Holidays are for many.  This is a FREE event, space is very limited to 20 people.  It will be about 90 minutes long and all participants will receive handouts to guide them through the Holidays and the hard grief days; you will also receive a special gift from Butterflies + Halo's.  If you are grieving or you know of someone who could benefit and are local to the Omaha, NE area, please email me and I will send them the link to sign up.  It's first come first serve, so once we are full we are full!   I have been envisioning doing something like this for awhile now and I wouldn't be able to do it without Heather.  Although I am a "grief" expert because I KNOW grief really well, I'm not licensed at all (which is not a must have), but Heather is and she works in this area and herself has been through grief.  Our main mission is to hold you and guide you through these holidays. 

Okay, what else. article that I wrote about on my blog "Emotions need Motion" was released on the Grappling with Grief website!   I shared it with you all awhile back, but if you want to circle back, check out my socials as it has been shared or head over to their website and read my story and all the other brave souls out there.   I've also just recorded another podcast as a guest on Tendrils of Grief which will be released on Nov. 13th and I am recording another podcast this Sunday as a guest with a local podcast called Hot Widows Club Podcast (these girls are amazing and hilarious).  Our podcast From Loss to Light is going great; we have episode 8 releasing next Wednesday, Oct 11th and let me just tell you that Wenday is just WOW!  It's an episode that I found myself on the edge of my seat and leaning in for more.  Her story is SO heartbreaking, but in the same so beautiful; we actually did a 2 part episode with her!  I will warn you that it does have talk about sexual assault, suicide, and addiction.  Please subscribe to our podcast now, so you do not miss any episodes.  We also have some amazing guests coming up in the next few months!  I have made some amazing connections and reach outs, so buckle up it's going to be a fun ride!   Shout out to my Co-Host Michelle for your work and encouragement through all of this!  Together we truly are BETTER!! 


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