Gift Guide for the grieving heart

Gift Guide for the grieving heart

As we quickly roll into the holiday season, we need to take care of ourselves or we need ideas to take care of our grieving friend or family member during all the seasons of grief. 

I've compiled a small list of items that you can easily put a gift basket together with a beautiful card from Butterflies + Halos.  All these items will bring peace, relaxation, reflection, and comfort to the griever.  These items are meant to comfort the heart and allow the grieving heart to rest and relax.  

So many times we overthink what a griever will need during their grief or even the holidays.  There are so many wonderful beautiful gift ideas out there to remember their person that died, but we forget that self care is a must during the grief process.  To take care of our self, is giving us the energy to take care of the others that need us on a daily basis.  

I will compile more thought out gifts for the griever and send to you soon, but for now, take a look at this list and drop a small self care gift basket off at the grievers door step this busy and very hard holiday season. 

"If you don't feel your best today, allow yourself that space. This is hard. You don't have to process this all at once". ~ unknown ~ 

With all my prayers -



Healing Gifts for self care grief work
1. Mug
2. Slippers
3. Tea
4. Candle
5. Journals
6. Jade Roller
7. Cozy Socks
8. Shower Bombs


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