Gift guide for the "man's" grieving heart

Gift guide for the "man's" grieving heart promised I have updated my "healing" gift guide to represent more of what a man would want or need.  Same concept applies, grab these items and create a gift basket and deliver to someone you know who is grieving this season and needs to feel the comfort of these healing items. 

I think so often, guys get left out of grief.  I'm still not 100% sure why this would be or the study behind this though.  We all grieve, whether we are female or male.  Men, I think, have this position where they are supposed to be strong and hold everyone else up, but then they do not take care of themselves.  Men need care just as much and they need to know it's okay for them to curl up on the couch, mourn the death of their person, and just cry, relax, and rest.  A man reached out to me in regards to my first grieving heart guide and asked if I would do a male version.  Of course, I said.  I then asked him what his ideas were.  Listed are several that I have included, but also he mentioned just the time to exercise, get out alone for a walk to clear his mind, read a book, or just a hot shower.  So if you know a man that is a grieving widower and maybe they have kids, offer to take the kids and let him do these things he needs to do to relax and just be.  

So this holiday season...don't think only about the female griever, please think of the male griever.  They will appreciate the support and thoughtfulness so very much.  

Also...don't forget, my "Garret" memory ornament is a perfect gift for anyone and can be left out the entire year for you to remember your loved one all year long.  

Healing gift guide for the "man's" grieving heart

  1. coffee mug
  2. slippers
  3. pajama pants
  4. candle
  5. amazon gift card
  6. body kit
  7. journal
  8. blanket


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