Happy New Years and Welcome 2023!

Happy New Years and Welcome 2023!

What does a new year mean to you?  How do you handle a new year rolling over on the calendar.   For some, it may just be another day and another year, with no expectations and no goals and no advice.  For some, it means a fresh start and the possibilities of all the hope one can dream of.  For some, it's dread that another year is coming and that means another year without their loved one and the thought of how time just continues to move on is sometimes too much. I've been there with the dread, but also with the hope of renewal.  

I love a new year; I love manifesting my goals and hopes for a new year.  If I could have all things new & fresh, that would be a dream.  I love all things paper goods; notepads, notebooks, journals, pens...any and all those things.  I like to make lists and I like to write down my thoughts.  One thing I do each year, instead of a new years "resolution", I come up with a word.  This is the word I use all year and practice what it means to me.  I currently have my 2023 word as my screensaver on my phone.  For 2023, my word is "GROWTH".  This word came to me several times and I decided this was a perfect word to use throughout the year.  Growth for me will look like this; growth in my small business (working on adding more products and growing my wholesale line), growth in my spiritual journey (understanding how I use my journey for the benefit of God and manifesting his desires for me), growth in my financial goals (making sure I'm utilizing all the financial growth or set backs how I need too and continuing to grow for my retirement), growth and deeper relationships with my friends & family (setting more intention and love towards the people who give it back to me and truly want to be a part of my daily life), and growth in my health journey (becoming more acceptable of my body and how it carries me. I jumpstarted my weight loss as of today down 19 pounds, so I want to carry my journey into being stronger and physically able at the young age of 50). 

I honestly feel that if we can have a "word" for the new year, it is easier to utilize that word in every area of our lives.  Instead of sitting down and writing a whole list of New Years goals and not following through, see how just one word could be more beneficial.  My husband, Chantz's word is "Dedication".  He will be able to use that word in every aspect of his life from work to love to health to spirituality.  I'd love to know what your word for the year is!!! Let me know on social's and I will pray over your word for the year for you!! 

SO, as we close out 2022 and welcome 2023, I truly hope you are at a good place in your life today and that whatever your year looked like that you will go into the new year with a new word and a new avenue of hope.  I know many people who are starting the new year without a loved one and the journey is just beginning for them. I send them love and hope that you are kind to yourself and that you know that I am standing beside you in your grief today and always.  Peace out 2022 and thank you for all the memories!!

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My daughter goes to school at Creighton University in Omaha and told me about your cards that she learned about in one of her classes on bereavement/grief. Not only did I order, but I am spreading the word! These cards say it like it is. So honest. So needed. Thank you for filling a niche no other card company has.


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