Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello and welcome to our journey together! I am so excited to get my words and thoughts out to you all and share the gift of hope through dark times all year round.  

We are definitely gearing up for the holidays everywhere I feel like and I honestly can't believe it's that time of year again.  This season brings a lot of tough moments for so many people, it's really a very tough time of year.  The festivities and family time (and seeing all your friends happy family time) makes grief and loss that much harder to navigate.  

I want to offer just a few tips that I feel can minimize some of these strong emotions we have, but they also will never "fix" the situation we grievers go through. As we venture into this holiday season: 

  • Know that it's okay to set boundaries, actually I think that should be a priority.
  • Don't be afraid to be selfish in what you need. 
  • It's okay to feel gratitude even while you are grieving very deeply.  It's going to happen, but it's OK!
  • Start a new tradition if you are newly into your grief journey. 
  • You can do something new to honor your person who died (if escaping to a tropical island is what's needed...do it)
  • If you do not feel thankful, that is totally fine.  You don't have to!
  • It's okay to eat all the deserts and drink the wine...no judgement here!

As a fellow griever I know that behind your smile, you are silently suffering and it's so hard to be present. In your mind you are afraid that you will bring the happy festivities down, but know that your people here, want to be around you no matter what; be sad, and acknowledge your sadness.  

I wish I could say it will all be okay, but it's not, it truly is a very hard time of year.  I want to give you hope though that holidays get different, better maybe, but not perfectly okay, but just different.  Do what you need to do and know that I am here holding you up in my heart & soul this Thanksgiving season and I wish you peace above everything.  

To the readers out there that aren't necessarily grieving someone, give those that are,  grace and acknowledge them, acknowledge their person that's gone, and just hug them this season.  Enjoy your dinner festivities and the million deals going on at every store ;) 

With so much love,


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This was a very heartfelt message. Thanks for your thoughts and wisdom in this journey called grief.


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