I'm BACK, but where have I been?  A life update for all of you!

I'm BACK, but where have I been? A life update for all of you!

WOW...I saw that my last "blog" entry was on February 8th, so exactly one month ago from today!!!  I am SO sorry to not update like I had hoped to and be there to guide you with all of my infinite wisdom <insert sarcastic chuckle>. I honestly have missed writing and sharing deep thoughts and opinions that swirl around the grief world.   

This blog will be full of "life" updates more than guidance today, for that I'm sorry, but honestly not sorry because I've been a busy girl doing all of what I do here actually! 

If you follow me on my socials and are subscribed to my email, you know a lot of what's been going on and where I've been.  If you are NOT following me on either, get over to my Instagram & Facebook pages @butterfliesandhalos and follow me because I'm really fun over there!  Also, get signed up on my email list...please!!!!  It's a simple go to my website and there is a popup link to sign up and you receive a discount.  We all witnessed what could happen this week when IG & FB went down.  Small businesses rely heavily to sell their products on socials, but we are taught from the beginning to really push building that email list.  I am doing that, it is slowly growing, but I need you all on my email side now!  One of the amazing things is I definitely DO NOT spam you at all!   You are lucky if you get an email once a week and that is generally full of new releases, updates, podcast updates, blog entries, and a special quote.  So, don't worry about spam, just sign up already! 

BIGGEST news is MY BOOK!!!!  That is honestly what has taken up all my brain power and my words.  I have finished my book, it is in the editing stages, but honestly for the last month I have been so focused on writing a beautiful book that I haven't been able to write on this platform and I've missed it!!!  But you guys, my book is happening, it is really HAPPENING!!!  I can't tell you the feeling I have in my soul how I feel; just proud.  I cannot wait to reveal to you the title and the cover, they are absolutely both amazing.  I have the best publishing company Blue Hat Publishing out of Franklin, TN.  They have been such a beacon of light during this whole entire process.   From the huge words of encouragement, to the "yes" you have something here, to "yes" you can DO this, to the gentle edits, and the overall support and cheers I continuously receive from them.  Pre-sale for my book will start the end of March to the beginning of April.  I am scheduled to have it ready to publish the beginning of June!  This is why YOU NEED to follow me on socials because you know I will be blowing those platforms up; sorry not sorry!!!  When you do purchase and start receiving your books, PLEASE share far and wide!  

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this coming to fruition and it's NOT an easy feat.  Set aside the entire story of what my book is about; grief obviously, writing a book puts you into a completely different category that not many will or can do.  I DID IT!!!  (I'm honestly thinking Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Ivers from high school are probably going to be the most shocked...LOL). You can probably understand that simple statement because I wasn't the best student overall.  

In other news; I'm still pumping out cards though at a slower rate, but dang some of these new releases are pretty spot on and cool!   I did do a couple Easter cards; very simple and plain and not related to grief.  Get on over to the website and check them out!  I also have a four leaf clover card that says "It's All Good".  This is a shoutout to my late husband Jack as he was a huge four leaf clover lover and had it tattooed on his leg.  He also coined the phrase "It's All Good" as his, so we have it etched on his headstone.   This is a great card to send any time, but with the St. Patty's day holiday, it's just another reminder to send to a friend that you are thinking of them.  

We traveled to Costa Rica for a week with our best friends and stayed with some other dear friends of ours at their house there.  It didn't suck at all!!! Costa Rica is a very beautiful country, with amazing views, delicious food, and wonderful people.  It was SO good to unwind, tap out, and just be.  We did a fantastic job of that actually.  

The podcast is going well.  We switched over to a new platform and it has proven to be a challenge for me honestly.  I sound awful in most of the podcasts, so we are trying to work on the quality of that.  Our numbers are moving up and we are gaining a little more traction with it though, for that I am so thankful. We have some amazing guests coming up that have truly found their light from their losses.  I have recorded a couple podcasts as a guest and one was just released this week.  It was with Nina who runs the "Grief + Light" podcast.  It was such a great conversation!!! Click on the name and it will direct you towards my episode!  Give Nina a follow and listen to all her other episodes as well.  My other podcast is surrounded around sibling loss mainly, that will air in April!    

The time away brings me to today, we are in the final editing phase again of my book.  My daughter is turning 22 years old next week and we are gearing up for her college graduation in May!!!  The world is spinning on its axis so fast right now, I want it to SLOW down please!  

To say I feel blessed is truly an understatement.  I LOVE life and I love living it big with all the people who are surrounding me.  The next few months may look different, busy, growing in different directions, but I can guarantee you that Butterflies + Halo's is just sprouting!  TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER and you are all watering my soul to grow!  

PS. In the middle of this my husband Chantz decided to start a little t-shirt business through print on demand.  He started his own Etsy shop and all the things; I am proud of him and his desire to share his joy and love which is music, sports, and snark!!!   Give him a follow on Facebook @Coopdogtees  and his Etsy shop Coopdog Tees .  He truly has something for everyone there!   


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Anxious for your book! So proud of you Angie!

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