It's Butterflies + Halos 1 year anniversary!!!

It's Butterflies + Halos 1 year anniversary!!!

Let's reflect on Butterflies + Halo's 1 year anniversary!  Tomorrow June 3rd is officially 1 year since I launched my Etsy store.  I have several things to chat about regarding this but the biggest thing I need to say is THANK YOU!!!!  Thank you to all the customers who have purchased cards from me, who have liked and shared my posts, who have supported me at my pop-ups, who have encouraged me, for all of those who have shared their own loss stories with me, and for those who have just prayed for my business to be successful!  Honestly without you, I wouldn't be successful!   

When I started this venture, I had NO clue what I was doing (I still don't know a lot, but learning something new every day).  I spent about $200 on a class with a gal who already had a successful card business.  This taught me how to create, what products I needed to purchase from printer to card stock. It was the most valuable money I have spent so far!  I already had all the words I wanted on cards in my tool box, but I just didn't know how to move forward.  My husband Chantz helped me get me LLC going, my tax id number, secured my .com and all that business stuff we don't think of.  He was really my driving force to move forward (also big thanks to my dear friends Shane & Heather as they would sit with us and help me come up with some pretty good cards and Heather has always been part of my quality control).

I have evolved with doing several pop up events to planning on doing more this year and getting things fine tuned.  I am wholesaling cards in a few stores locally, but have invested some of my earnings in wholesale classes and mentoring so I can reach the masses and get into more stores!  I have a goal by the end of the year and so far, it's slow!!! LOL!  But....I know I will get there and things will start moving when it comes to wholesaling.  Look how far I've come in one year just on Etsy!  Never did I ever think I'd be selling cards to someone in Alaska or Hawaii!  

What have I learned about myself?  I've learned that a 50 y/o lady can do anything she pours her heart into.  I have learned to not compare (although still hard at times), not expect perfection, how to tell my story in a short amount of time, how to be more open minded, really pulled out how to be creative, and I've learned failure will happen but we dust off and we start over. (i've also leaned people are really kind and generous).

What are the goals of Butterflies + Halo's going forward?  Well...wholesale has been keeping me busy with outreach, lots & lots of research and outreach.  I am planning on adding more product to my Etsy store.  I am going to be opening my own website on shopify soon (once I fine tune it and spend some time on it - hopefully by next week)!  I have pop-ups planned and gearing up for the holiday season already.   

I will continue to outreach and be a guest on podcasts, which I have several recorded and will hopefully be airing soon.  I am launching a new product within the next week or so to sell on Etsy (also my website).  I have a HUGE project that I'm working on with my fellow widow friend Michelle that will launch July 5th (It's not about butterflies + halo's but it's about my mission and her's). 

SO...I have goals, most are small because what I have learned is I can go as big or as small as I want/can.  So I want to grow bigger, but I don't want to grow too big.  But, the fact that I am here still one year after launch date and even launched this blog in the middle of it, is something to be said and something I AM VERY PROUD OF!  I told a friend that I'm not selling "wants", I'm selling "needs".  We need to bring back the snail mail generation and support our friends.  Your friends grief and losses need to be acknowledged and I have done the hard work by creating cards that speak hope into the grieving heart.  Your friend doesn't "want" any of what they are going through, but they definitely "need" the support.  So, you may not be a big snail mail person, but your friend needs you to be.  (my new product I'm launching will help you be this person;)) 

THANK YOU from the bottom, the top, and all around my heart for ALL you have done to support me!!!  Let's change the narrative around grief together, because "TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER"  



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