Podcasts and more...

Podcasts and more...

Hi there!!  Today's blog is going to be a big huge shoutout to me, myself, and Michelle!!!!  Honestly...I'm on a high right now for doing something that a) never thought I would and b) never thought I could!  I need to definitely give a BIG thank you to Michelle, my co-host (I said co-host <insert giggle>). But, without her one little phone call to me, her energy and desire, and then our connections, we were able to create something that we are both so very proud of and something that I know will help, give back, and share light with anyone who listens.  

So yes, our podcast is LIVE and it is beautiful.  Our podcast is called "From Loss to Light".  You can click on the name and it will take you to the "Apple" podcast world.  If you are not on "Apple" you can go to wherever you listen to podcasts; click on Spotify  to be directed there, but honestly we are on almost all podcast platforms now.  There are a total of 3 episodes out now and it basically is the story of who Michelle & I are and how we found the light through our losses.  So please, like - share - follow - leave reviews and all the above!  This helps us gets pushed out into the world for more listeners.  Our podcast episodes will be released bi-weekly, but for now releasing these all at once was a push in the "algorithm" for our podcast. (the things I am learning is amazing).  

Our podcast is a culmination of Michelle's & my knowledge of grieving.  Although her and I are no therapists, we definitely are experts in the grieving world.  Our desire is for this podcast to help listeners find their own light during their darkest times or any losses they are going through.  We will gently guide you always, will give our own advice from experiences, we will always give grace upon grace for the situations we are presented with, and always will provide the listening ear you need.  We will hand out resources that we feel will help guide you towards your light in safe & gentle manners.  

My blog will be a huge extension of what I will bring to the podcast world.  Even though I share the podcast with Michelle, my blog is my individual life experiences that I will continue to share always with my readers.  Michelle herself has written a book, so she will help guide us all on facts that she has endured and encompassed along the way.  

My future is still unfolding and I am SO excited to continue to be the light for so many individuals.  I've been really stuck lately with my card business, only because I know what I have and what I have to offer is SO needed, but the world isn't seeing it and as I try to grow my wholesale part of my business, I'm finding retailers are more tone deaf when it comes to "grief" cards then they are any other genre of cards.  It goes with the saying we always hear "You don't know unless you know".  I know it will take off, it takes time, I'm so new into the wholesale world and the card industry in general. But sometimes, I just want that breakthrough.  I feel like that's why with this blog, with the podcast, and my half written book; the blessings will come as they should.   

So, go out and listen to mine & Michelle's stories on our NEW podcast and share with anyone and everyone who needs to find the light.  Remember...We are all BETTER TOGETHER!! 

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I have good feelings about this for you. It will all come together.

Judy Kay Hanson

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