Sometimes...Even I don't have the words

Sometimes...Even I don't have the words

I wasn't planning on writing this blog post, I had an entirely different one planned out, but I think I need to address this blog today and save the other for another time.  **updated the end after hearing some news this morning**

Death; I've said it over and over, it happens everyday and it happens to everyone. What I'm not entirely clear on is why one family can have so many deaths and another can go through life without a sudden, unexplained death of a young person.  It is not for us to question, I do understand that.  Shit happens, people die, blah, blah, blah. 

I'm not bitter, I'm just sad.  So sad, that the card I created and shared on Wednesday, was perfect..."Sometimes...there are just no words".  It was perfect because, I don't have the words or the wisdom surrounding my cousins death. 

Brian lived in Colorado, so we weren't close, even while Jack was alive his uncle & aunt lived in different states most the time so they would only see each other on the holidays or other events.  But, what I found was, even though they weren't around each other a lot, their love for each other truly ran deep.  They could pick up right where they left off and after I was part of the family, we spent many of times surrounded by them and their families. They all welcomed me in as part of the family and I'm forever grateful that I am and they still include me in life.  Last time I saw Brian was 2 years ago when he was back for his moms funeral.  Brian died 1 day before his moms 2 year angelversary (just very strange and weird).  

Brian was a carpenter, built everything, worked hard, built houses, framed, he did it all!  Him and Nicole had a beautiful daughter Hannah, who I know Brian loved very very much.  

So yeah, death stinks and it continues to happen even when we think we've had our share of death in our family.  The Rittenhouse family definitely has had their share of young deaths.  I just ask that anyone reading this stop for a moment and say a prayer for all of them and send peace and loving thoughts their way.  

This is also a good moment to take the time and love the people who are present and in your life.  Appreciate all that you have and all that is given to you throughout your family dynamic.  Also, take the trips, live the life you dream of, and definitely eat the cake ;)  Take care of your body that you are living in, it truly is important to take care of ourselves physically and mentally each and every day. I know it all sounds cliche', but it truly is important.  We have this one life here on earth, don't waste it on not living and not being present.  Love deep and love hard.  

UPDATE: I write my blogs out prior to their release, but today I had to update this blog.  It touches on the topic of sudden death and those that leave us young and a family who has also had their fair share of young deaths.  I learned today that a family friend that we have known, suddenly died last night.  I am honestly shook this morning and this week has just been a lot to take in. I released a card this morning prior to finding this news out and it says "So, they say everything happens for a reason...But WTF!!" This could not be more true words this week.  

SO, go out into this world today people and pray, send love and peace to my friends family, to my family, and to all others saying goodbye to a loved one.  Breathe in Peace & exhale the sadness.   

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Just read your blog and I loved it! I can’t believe all the people that are suddenly dying lately! It’s so sad! I was just crying the other night over the Prep boy that just drowned on vacation. 🥲 Anyway I love you and hope you are doing ok!


‘Breathe in Peace & exhale the sadness.’ I accept this advice today. I very appreciate your perspectives.


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